I am thankful to Dr Nimisha kumar for having responded to my email and having extended her help to me as good CBT therapists are very rare in my state, Kerala... I appreciate her unlikely patience to hear my detailed description of my symptoms and habits. She did not offer me miracles through this treatment, yet she was realistic and very encouraging. She appeared to me more upto point than some psychologists whom I had approached earlier. She did not have any prejudice about a patient from this remote part of South India, which had been one of my tensions. Her language was quite fluent and simple. Eventhough I was doubtful about my English competency, her patient approach relieved me enough.. she was so patient to repeat her words when I couldnt hear them because of network issues. until now I am thoroughly content with her approach and am hopeful too.Her confidence in CBT has encouraged me to further read more about it.. Thank you.

Mr S., OCD sufferer

It's was mere serendipity that I got to get psychotherapy by Dr Nimisha Kumar. For me Lock Down time translated into a major transformational experience. I will never be able to thank Dr Kumar enough for the therapy sessions that have helped me become a more functional person. A long term intimate partner violence called as domestic violence has left me with deep scars that are DIAGONOSED as PTSD. I needed the help of pharmacy and intense psychotherapy. Dr Kumar with her deeply insightful command on CBT and a natural compassion and empathy, has been my go to person. I just hope that there are more therapists in north India specially state of Rajasthan and also this taboo regarding mental health as well as treatment options is removed from the Indian mindset. Thank you Dr Kumar for your patience, support and compassion. I would highly recommend her as the best therapist.

NRI client, an abuse survivor

What I really enjoy about the internship is that it offers diverse areas to work in. That gives me the exposure to see how i function in terms of what’s required from me. The second thing is that most of my work so far has involved reading up on things either to make posts, write ups or ppts. I think that’s amazing because I am somebody who loves to learn and sometimes it’s difficult to understand where to start from. So it gives me the opportunity to read up on material and add to my knowledge. Third, I thoroughly enjoy the classes. And contrary to feeling tired after already having attended so many classes from college, I actually feel good. You teach us in a manner that’s practical. I love that because most of our studying is bookish anyway. It is important but nobody really tells us how things are beyond books and we could really use that. Lastly, Thank you for giving us this opportunity ma’am. I’m sure the next bunch of interns would be as lucky as us.

Ascend Intern

I'm really glad that I got the opportunity to join this internship as so far I've learnt a lot of things, such as creating informative posts, videos, blogs, infographics, report, CBT skills & working on my first research. This internship has increased my confidence to a great extent. I'm glad that I get to contribute & learn in various areas. Thank you for giving us this opportunity ma'am, and I'm looking forward for the rest

Ascend Intern