EUDAIMONIA is a Greek word that means well-being and flourishing — a good life filled with meaning.


The Concept – EUDAIMONIA is a Greek word that means well-being and flourishing — a good life filled with meaning. The term Eudaimonia refers to well-being as distinct from happiness per se. Not all desires, not all outcomes that a person might value, would yield well-being when achieved. Some desires may be pleasure producing, but their outcomes are not good for people and would not promote wellness.  Subjective happiness cannot be equated with well-being.


The Eudaimonic conception of well-being calls upon people to live in accordance with their true self. Eudaimonia occurs when people’s life activities are most congruent with deeply held values and are holistically or fully engaged. Under such circumstances people would feel intensely alive and authentic, existing as who they really are.


Aristotle gave the concept of Eudaimonia and held that happiness is a vulgar idea as not all the desire are worth pursuing. Some desires might yield pleasure, but they do not produce wellness. For Aristotle, true happiness can only be achieved by leading a virtuous life and doing what is worth doing. To realize the human potential is ultimately the human goal.”


E-mag description – Our magazine has three sections:

  1. Informative section: Ascend-PsyCare primarily offers counseling and CBT services, teaching, training and guidance in the field of psychology. The informative section consists of different aspects of Psychology and Mental health. For instance, psychological researches,

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  1. Out of the box section: Under this section, we asked our writers to be as creative as they can be and to run their wild imaginations and horses. They hence came up with original and meaningful content that is out of the box.


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– The very first edition of our e-magazine was released in August with the theme: “EUDAIMONIA; FINDING YOUR SOUL’S SMILE”.


  • The second editionhas been recently released in October with the theme: “CHOOSE TO BE GRATEFUL”