Enhancing Relationships in the midst of coronavirus.

Covid-19 has impacted our relationships in many ways. The Lockdown has been a unique experience for all of us. Both positive and negative changes have occurred in our social, family & romantic relationships, which may last for a long time….

By Richa Saini, Intern, APC

Treading through tough times
-Anxiety, uncertainty & covid 19

Covid-19 has been a blessing as well as a curse. A lot has happened in these past few months, and the clouds of uncertainty are still there, hovering over our minds & creating a hell lot of anxiety. The resulting anxiety of this crisis has a lot of harmful effects, even though, research has also shown that people are very resilient & show coping skills despite of turmoil & crisis going on in their lives……

By Richa Saini ,Intern, APC 

CBT as a Career for Youth

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a short-term and structured therapy used to treat mental health issues by focusing on problem solving and targeting dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours. In a society where mental health concerns are increasing, it is important to equip ourselves with a workforce that can deal with these concerns adeptly…….

By Mridula Baurai, Intern, APC

How love changes in a relationship ?

From tunes and sonnets to books and motion photos, romantic love is quite probably the foremost suffering subjects for fine arts through the ages. Mental exploration within the course of recent years has examined the contrasts between liking someone, cherishing someone and being “infactuated”. Loving is pictured as having concerns and sentiments towards someone and finding that individual’s organization fulfilling…


By Christie Saju, intern, APC