About Us

Ascend-PsyCare (APC) is a registered MSME – A Behavioural Health Science and Psych Innovation Enterprise based in New Delhi, India. APC is ISO certified and envisioned as a world class Cognitive Behavioral Therapy center, training and supervision hub for budding psychotherapists as well as an institute for high quality, ethical research in Behavioral Science aimed at futuristic mental health needs.  All our services are well informed by an international perspective along with being strongly grounded in the Indian setting which makes it a unique endeavor. We believe that “Mental Health is Indispensable”.

Services: APC is working in three core areas:  

  • CBT Treatment
  • CBT Training & Supervision
  • Research & Innovation

In addition, we offer a variety of consultancy services related to our core areas of CBT and Counseling. We specialize in customizing mental healthcare for corporates, schools, community settings, families and individuals. With increasing awareness and openness to mental health in schools, workplaces and within our homes, Ascend-PsyCare is committed to providing high quality individualized services at affordable prices.